Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wiser girls

The photo below was taken on Mother's Day 2007.
It was also used in the Mormon Message "The Power of Hope" in 2009.
(You can watch that here--it's really beautiful).
I saw it recently and remembered that just last week
I took a very similar photo of
me with Claire and Jane at the park.
We are 8 years older- and wiser too.
(Jane-4, me- 25, Claire, 5)
(Jane- 12, me, 33, Claire 13)

"The things we hope in sustain us during our daily walk. 
They uphold us through trials, temptations, and sorrow. 
Everyone has experienced discouragement and difficulty.
 Indeed, there are times when the darkness may seem unbearable. 
It is in these times that the divine principles of the restored gospel we
 hope in can uphold us and carry us until, once again, we walk in the light."