Wednesday, May 06, 2015

The Dentist

Yesterday I took Nicholas to the dentist. 
I wish I could leave it at that, but in reality it was the biggest circus.
Nicholas is a pretty anxious kid and somewhat stubborn.
 He has had a tooth ache since last summer, and it just got worse.
We took him to his 6 month check up and his tooth pretty much was raw nerves.  
No wonder he hurts so much.
Our dentist; Dr. Huang firmly suggested we pull out his tooth
(and a few others too).
When Nicholas heard that I thought he was going to die.

Yesterday he was scheduled to get it pulled.
We said a thousand prayers beforehand that he would be brave
 and that he would trust Dr. Huang to safety get that tooth out.

We sat in the waiting room and his legs jiggled. He was nervous.
He was called back and I sat patiently in the waiting room.  
"Good luck pal!"  I shouted as he walked with his head down following the nurse.

Not fifteen minutes had passed when the same nurse came and got me.
"Nicholas is nervous and needs you."
I sat next to him as he squirmed in the dentist chair.
he kept saying:
"But, I am scared of shots" over and over again.
Dr. Huang was so kind and patient,
 I, on the other-hand began loosing my patience.
After about 20 minutes of asking, prying, and begging, we 
decided that Nicholas was going to have to learn the hard way with this one.
We left the office.
If his tooth hurt bad enough he would have to be the one to 
tell me that the pain is just too much to handle
and he'll have to decide to be brave and get it fixed.
I was hesitant with this since I have seen him in severe pain the past week.  

 I took him back to school.
He was begging me not too but I admit, I felt defeated and frustrated and 
wasn't going to let him stay home from school for being a stinker.
Not an hour went by when I saw the familiar phone number of his classroom on my 
cell phone.  He was calling.
"Mom!!  Come and get me, lets go back to Dr. Huang, 
I can't eat, I'll be brave, I promise."

I picked him up and luckily we were able to get right back in.
I sat next to Nicholas holding his hand.
Dr. Huang gave Nicholas the "pig nose"- (laughing gas) I am not sure 
it worked because he was still a nervous wreck.
It took us about twenty minutes before he
agreed to even open his mouth and another
twenty minutes of begging to let Dr. Huang put his fingers in his mouth.
With some force, it happened.  He screamed and I filmed it.
He laughed when it was all over, and I took a big deep breath.
After we made it home and while I was preparing dinner
 Lucy texted me.
She and her three children had just been to the dentist.
She said her three kids did great, but she had NINE cavities!!!!!

Good luck.