Thursday, May 28, 2015


 I think Nicholas has a phobia of paper.  
A phobia- or fear of paper is called "papyrophobia".
He hates touching paper to his skin.  At first I thought it was just 
because he didn't want to do his homework, 
but then realized quickly that he'd do his homework 
but only if he had a plastic bag around his hands.
We are going to get this figured out before 3rd grade next year.
The Little Nies and I discussed other phobias we had. 
 I, (as you may know) have trypophobia-as do Claire and Jane.
And come to find out, none of us like the feel of towels.  
(which is called Apollophobia)
I don't know if this is genetic or not, 
but I prefer to call them "quirks" not phobias.
Do you think our pioneer ancestors had phobias?  
I have a hard time believing they had time--or even the luxury of 
having phobias.  They were probably too worried about where their next
 meal would come from and stuff like that.