Monday, May 04, 2015

Oh Canada!

Last weekend, Mr. Nielson and I went to Canada to speak to over 1,200 youth.
My message was about overcoming trials and choosing to be happy.
Before we spoke, we toured beautiful Banff, 
Lake Louise, and Calgary.
The mountains....Oh man, I don't have words to even 
describe the beauty of them. 
It was such a romantic little getaway for us, and our 
hosts were beyond generous and sweet. 
Our first night was spent at the gorgeous Banff Springs Hotel.  
Basically we stayed in a castle.
The weather was chilly, but I could tell Spring was on it's way.
We drove to Lake Louise were we enjoyed a delicious lunch at the 
The lake was frozen, but still so pristine and beautiful.
At lunch Mr. Nielson and I schemed up 
how we were going to bring the Little Nies back, they would LOVE it!
Before I spoke, I was honored to receive the honorary white hat.
This white hat is both darling as it is popular around these parts.
It's going to be awesome at the ranch this summer!!
Thanks again to the Miller family, and Don Mooney for such a wonderful 
perfect romantic getaway and fantastic welcome to beautiful CANADA!