Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mothers Day 2015

Mothers Day was a glorious day for me.
The Little Nies made it special and of course Mr. Nielson showered 
me with praise and love.
Mostly I was grateful to God that I am still a mother on earth.
I don't think I will-- or could ever not thank God for preserving my 
life so I could mother my children.  And not just mother, 
but still be an active mother who can function fully.
I feel physical pain daily, but it's my children who push me forward 
(whether I want to or not) on those days when I hurt the most. 
But it's good for me. It's helpful and motivating.
On Sunday at church, Jane gave a talk in front of our entire congregation. 
 She did amazing. 
 She was happy, and confident at the pulpit as she delivered her 
heartwarming talk (which she wrote by herself).
She said some precious things about me, and about the wonderful mothers 
she loves and wants to emulate (Amy B).  She bore a strong
testimony of God and His son Jesus Christ.
After church, you bet I took a two hour nap, 
while Mr. Nielson prepared a beautiful dinner.
When I woke up the Little Nies had made crowns for me, Lucy and my Mom.
They also gave me small homemade gifts.
A Birdhouse, candle votive, homemade video, cards, 
and Ollie got me three gigantic lip smackers.
(Perfect for these huge babies of mine).
I know mothering is hard, challenging, 
time-consuming, frustrating, and monotonous.
But it is also beautiful, and colorful, and sometimes it's really funny too!
I like myself most when I am mothering my children.
I like myself most when I am reading to them, feeding them, spending time
with them, teaching them, laughing with them, and serving them. 
Being a co-creator with God is a huge responsibility and an honor.
I wish all mothers could view it that way.
 The world's message to mothers is wrong and terrifying.  
That message is demeaning.  It belittles us and tells us that being a mother
is just not enough.   It's enough. I promise, it's more than enough.