Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Identifying Mom

Last Sunday- on Mothers Day, during "primary",
 (which is when all the children in our congregation meet together to hear a 
lesson about the gospel of Jesus Christ)
 Sister Williams who is a leader in the children's group gave a lesson about Mothers.  
I was asked along with four other mothers to stand in front of the classroom.
Sister Williams asked the children of these mothers to leave the room,
where they would be blindfolded and then led back in the classroom.
Using only touch they had to identify their mothers.
One by one about seven different children came in and touched each
 mother's face, hands, arms, lips, and hair.  
Some of the boys could actually identity 
who their mother was just by their smell. 
But I was pretty much  a dead giveaway for obvious reasons.
My hands wrinkled with scars from grafting, my fingers stiff and hard. 
 My arms soft and bumpy, and my face has raised burn scars.  
And then of course my big lips were pretty easy to identify.
The other mothers had soft skin and familiar features.
I cried through the whole exercise. 
Not because I was sad, but because I was proud.  Proud of my body, and
proud of Oliver and Nicholas for easily picking me out.

Watching these children (they actually happened to be all boys), 
pick out his mother was the sweetest, 
most tender thing I have seen in a long time. 

After church I pulled Nicholas aside as we walked to our car.  
"How did you know it was me?" I asked. 
"I just did." he said holding my hand.
"But HOW?" I asked again.
"I felt your ear."
My left ear is half gone.  Burned away.  
As I reflected back on this little game, I did remember noticing that Nicholas'
fingers outlined my ears and he paid particular attention to that area.

Right then, I felt my ear almost forgetting that I had lost half of it, 
then looked at Mr. Nielson's ear because his left ear is half gone too.  
Matching casualties to go along with our matching burns.

I was reminded about the time I had the privilege to visit with
He said to me after I lamented to him about the scarring on my face and body:

"Your scars tell a story...Although they may not make you feel attractive, 
they are a witness to a miracle, that God blessed you to live, 
and that you have accomplished very difficult things."
(taken from my memoir, Heaven is Here)

(This mothers day tribute inspired from this beautiful commercial.)

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