Friday, May 15, 2015


My dad's appendix burst yesterday in the wee hours of the morning.
He's fine now and after a short surgery he's resting comfortably in the hospital.
I spent the day with my mom and Charlotte while we waited for the surgeon 
to call and tell us he had successfully fixed my dad.
We got lunch and ate it on the hospital lawn 
and watched the Life Flight take off.  
We also watched kids playing soccer in the field next to the hospital, 
and of course we watched Lottie run around with her endless energy.
In her princess dress.
My dad did great, and I was so excited to give
 his cheeks a big kiss when I saw him.
I am so thankful for my dad.  I love him so very much.
Seeing him sick and in that state is hard for me.  That's my strong dad.
I know he'll be back in no time.  He'll have his suspenders on
working in the garden or making my mom some chicken noodle soup.
And he better be doing that for at least 20 more least.

Mr. Nielson has been gone to the ranch since Monday,
and he gets back this evening!  I can't wait to see his face.
I feel like he has been gone forever, 
and so much has happened while he's been away:
Our good friend Randy Palmer passed away and 
now my dad's in the hospital.
It also rained almost the whole time he's been gone, 
and all the lawn chairs blew into the pool.
So.....welcome Home Mr. Nielson!

Spiritual Enlightenment: Choose to believe

(Happy WEEKEND!!)