Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Spring Cleaning at Fox Hill

We are Spring cleaning here at Fox Hill.
We are preparing to lay sod (grass) sometime soon (fingers crossed). 
((Earlier I spelled it "Sawd" and it looked totally wrong, but I couldn't
figure it out why.
Thanks to all those super sweet trolls on the internet,
I figured it guys are the best-
where on earth would I be without your love and kindness?!
Maybe I SHOULD go back to school like they suggest, or stop blogging, 
or wash and brush my hair, or get my teeth whitened, or even
"die so my kids have a normal life."))
We are letting the boys earn something they have had their eye on for 
months now, by picking up all the weeds around the house.  
Ollie spent a few hours today after school working hard.
He came inside after the sun went down with sores and scrapes on his arms.
He's turning out to be a good, dedicated little worker. 
Mr. Nielson went on the top of the roof to where our cupola lives.  
He made sure our copper sailboat on top was in tip-top shape.  And it was. 
The copper is beginning to look antiquated.  
Slowly but surely the shiny copper cover will turn green- 
which is actually our desired look.
Have you thought about what you want for Mother's Day?  Or even Father's Day?
A weather vane would be pretty cool.
and see the best fit for you house.
It is staring to smell like Spring outside, and we are starting 
to sleep with our windows open.
It's a great time of year!
I am speaking in Boston May 30th!
The event is called  Let Your Light Shine 2015.
This is New England’s first free conference for ALL women of faith, 
hosted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! 
You can register HERE!
I hope to see you there!!!