Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Break at the Ranch 2015

Mr. Nielson and I took the Little Nies (and cousin Lydia) 
to the ranch for our 2015 Spring Break.
I love the ranch with all my heart.
It's quiet and secluded and breathtakingly beautiful.
Here are some of the best photos of the week:
6:30 am every morning, these dudes looked like this and played hard
until the sun went down behind the hills.  In this outfit.
Then the kids played pioneers until lunch.
Nic, Boss Nielson, Mr. Nielson, Lottie and Ollie.
The ranch was blue skies, windy and pleasantly warm.
Then Mr. Nielson and I showed Boss Nielson the flag we painted
on the side of the barn last summer. He hadn't seen it up close yet since
he and my mother-in-law Mary were living in England for a year.
 The Boss approved.
Did I mention it was really windy?
Each morning I ran.  Beautiful, wonderful runs wherever
I darn well pleased.  If I had a dog, he would NOT BE ON A LEASH.
It would be amazing.
The Little Nies (mostly Nic) caught and let go about a thousand lizards.
Such beautiful creatures!
Each day I would ride with Mr. Nielson (and sometimes Lottie),
to inspect certain spots on the ranch. 
Mr. Nielson talked on the phone to other Bluewater Cowboys
during these little adventures. 
Lottie wore pink boots and a pink hat. Everywhere.
The girls ride, and the boys ride, and sometimes I ride with them.
One afternoon Oliver over-shot a front flip 
on the trampoline and bit through his lip.  
He was in a lot of pain, but we talked about lots of 
pioneer boys who had possibly been through worse without medicine
or ice to relieve pain.  He endured it well for the rest of the week. 
He's a tough cookie.
(can you spot Jane?)
Before we left the ranch after four glorious days, 
we took our classic family photo by the barn flag.
And then Claire and Lydia took creepy photos of themselves with the
"pano" feature on my phone.
As Mr. Nielson locked up the ranch,
I hopped out of the car and photographed him near the gate.
This place is his heritage, it's my children's heritage, and now it's mine too.
I am a grateful girl.

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