Monday, April 13, 2015

Sisters, Sisters, Sisters

The other day Jane's darling friend Hannah came over to hang out. 
Hannah came at what could have been one of the Clane's most epic fights.
The fight was over closet space, a basket, and how to fold skirts.
I was helping the girls do some spring cleaning in their closet
when the fight broke out.
Hannah asked me if she should come over at a better time.
In my mind I was dying of embarrassment.  
These two girls were crying and arguing loudly
 as if Hannah wasn't even in the room.  
Just then,  Jane threw a hanger at Claire and 
Claire dramatically ran out of the room. 
Jane followed Claire leaving me and Hannah
 sitting on the floor looking at each other.

"Well, did you bring your popcorn Hannah?  The best part is yet to come." 
I said and adding:
"They'll forgive each other here in a minute...or two, and move on".  

They do do that you know.  It just takes time, and while I am the mother, 
sometimes my counsel is futile until they can figure
 it out on their own due time.  
And they did, and they always do.
But whew, it was a doozy.  Just ask Hannah.