Monday, April 20, 2015

Queen Mother

Last week we celebrated my mother.  She turned 70 years old!
I was in charge of making her a cake.  
Lottie helped me in the kitchen, and since Jimmy is gone
she took over his old job by licking all the utensils and bowls clean for me,
its really quite a deal.
At dinner all nine of us toasted my mother with expressions of 
love, memories, and appreciation.
 Sadly missing at the dinner were brothers Andrew and Topher (who skyped in).
We also played a "Jeopardy" type guessing game that my sister Page prepared.  
We answered questions about my mom's life, education, qualities, friends, 
and other tidbits.  I am proud to say that I knew most of the answers.
 The next morning I went to visit Mom and help her set up her new iPhone.
Welcome to the world mom!!
I also helped her reconnect with her instagram account that my
 sister Courtney set up about a year ago.
Good luck MOM!