Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"Mom, I am home!"

Yesterday Mr. Nielson picked up the Little Nies from school.
I decided to sit down in the corner and photograph each child 
as they walked through the door.
I don't know why I did that, I just did.  And it was funny.
Claire and cousin Lydia came up the stairs first.
In they came laughing and talking about a 
a boy at school who they think is SooOOoo funny.
Jane popped up the stairs next and reminded me that I owed her ice cream.
(for getting her 7th grade shots).
Meanwhile, Claire and Lydia enjoyed the delicious pear muffins
 that had just came out of the
oven 15 minutes before they came home.  (Yum).
The boys came bounding in the door and immediately 
asked me if they could play with their best friends
(also brothers) Thomas and William.
By this time, all three girls were eating muffins and laughing 
louder and harder about this certain funny kid at school.
I love when my kids get home from school.  
They are safe and sound and happy.
They eat, they laugh, they play, then we do homework.
 Makes me a happy mother.