Thursday, April 30, 2015

Courage to confront it.

"Before the accident, my blog had been full of pictures of me.  
I liked how I looked and was happy to share those pictures. 
I knew blog readers would be wondering what I looked like now. 
 I have come a long way since the first time I put on mascara, 
but I certainly wasn't completely reconciled to how I looked.  
Little by little, seeing myself had become easier, 
and I felt I'd reached a turning point in my recovery. 
 I wasn't as beautiful as I had been, 
but I was coming to accept that I was still Stephanie. 
 I did fear that the negative reactions of others would 
destroy my hard-won progress, but the burden of 
worrying about what people would think when they saw my face was
 becoming too heavy to carry.  
In a moment of bravery that night, I decided I would post a picture of myself.  
I would prove--to myself more than anyone else--that even though this was hard, 
I had the courage to confront it."

-Taken from my memoir, Heaven is Here

(PS...I miss my long hair)