Friday, April 17, 2015


( Topher, Mom, Lucy, Page, Matt, Stevie, Jesse, Andrew, Courtney, Me)

Today is my Mom's 70th birthday.  
I have been thinking about why I love my mom and what she has taught me.  
When I remember living at home in my early life and teenage years, 
the image I have of my mother is of her moving.  
She's cleaning the kitchen, weeding the garden, emptying the dishwasher, 
doing laundry (and she's calling me "Stephy"), wiping down counters,
doing her bills, folding endless piles of clothes, and probably making pancakes.
But while she is doing these things she is also talking to me and listening too!
Growing up, my mom was constant. 
 I always knew I could count on her
to be home when I got home from wherever I was at 
most any hour of the day.
She sent me off to school,
greeted me when I got home from school,
saw me to bed,
and was there when I woke up.
I am eternally grateful
for the sacrifices she made for me (and my family) to give
us such a beautiful and safe childhood, and just generally
always being there. 

I love you mom.