Monday, March 30, 2015

Women's Session

 Saturday evening,  I took my girls to the conference center 
in Salt Lake City where we attended the
The woman's session happens annually in the Spring.  
It's one of the highlights of my year, and I love that I can share
 this experience with my two beautiful young women; Claire and Jane.
The meeting's theme was about protecting and defending the family and
the sanctity of marriage. 
 Here are some of the highlights of the speakers: 
{You can watch the whole program HERE}

"We each belong to and are needed in the family of God. 
Earthly families all look different. And while we do the best we 
can to create strong traditional families, membership in the family of 
God is not contingent upon any kind of status—marital status, parental status, 
financial status, social status, or even the kind of status we post on social media. …"
-Carole M. Stephens
First Counselor in the Relief Society General Presidency

"One place where we best seek to be filled with light and 
truth is in our own homes..." 
Cheryl A. Esplin
Second Counselor in the Primary General Presidency

"The next principle which calls for our defending voices is elevating the 
divine roles of mothers and fathers. 
We eagerly teach our children to aim high in this life. … 
Do we also teach our sons and daughters there is no greater honor, 
no more elevated titles, and no more important roles in this life 
than that of mother and father? …"
Bonnie L. Oscarson
Young Women General President
(You can read more highlights, HERE)
After the session, and at dinner we were lucky enough to meet one of the most 
inspiring women I know; Carol F. McConkie. 
 Last session, she gave THIS TALK
 It remains to be one of my all-time favorites.
Also, for your information, on my side bar I am now 
featuring the new beautiful video "Because He lives".  
 Jesus Christ lived. He walked the Holy Land, 
working miracles and teaching truth. 
Then He was crucified. But His death was not the end. 
 Because of His Resurrection, 
we will live again. Because of His sacrifice, 
we can rise above sin to experience true joy. 
Because He lives, we can find His help and healing 
every day of our lives. 
It's a beautiful touching piece.  I hope you
will take the time to watch it.