Thursday, March 05, 2015

Two Tulips

Today I bought a bunch of beautiful white tulips.  
A personal rule of mine is to always have flowers on my kitchen table.
Nicholas asked me several times if he could
 take two of the tulips out of the vase.
I said he could, and didn't think about it again until I went into 
Lottie's room to put away her clean laundry.
There on Lottie's windowsill sat the two tulips he had taken earlier that day.  
Sitting in a jam jar, the tulips looked happy and content--
just like I was feeling looking at them.
This little scene was captured in my brain all night.  
My children are so sweet and good.  They try hard to make others happy.
They want to uplift and please the people they love.
They feel deeply for those they love, and they
cry and laugh and comfort others, especially each other.
Not all the time, but you know, they're children and they are learning.
But really, who isn't.