Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tugging in my heart

I woke up late.  
No one likes to wake up late when you can't.
I rushed everyone out of bed.
Claire missed her carpool and no one brushed their teeth. 
I dropped everyone off at school with a little sliver of gum... 
(you know since no one brushed).
Since Mr. Nielson is out of town, I dropped Lottie off at Amy's house.  
(Amy is my sister from another mother and father- we all need friends like this).
Amy watched Lottie for me so I could on my daily hike.  
During my hike I couldn't shake this unsettling feeling I had.
 I felt uneasy and frustrated, and I tried to
 figure out where it was coming from.  
I replayed my morning. Sure we were late, but it wasn't that.
And I was pretty sure everyone grabbed their lunches, 
and I had helped completed each child's homework with them the night before.
So it wasn't that either.
My stove wasn't on, and I knew all the doors were locked.
We had family scripture study and Jane said our family morning prayer.
Nothing was relieving this feeling.

As I thought about the events I couldn't recall if I had even looked at my 
children in the eyes and told them that I loved them.
That was it!  I totally skipped that!
Just like I pack lunches and make sure they 
have warm clothes to wear on cold days, 
I think my children need to be touched, hugged and reassured 
that I will be here for them when they get home from school.
They deserve that.
They need to hear me say "I love you".
And, just like that, I felt that tugging in my heart go away.  
I am grateful that God teaches me lessons, 
I am grateful that I listen, 
and I am even more grateful that children are so forgiving.