Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thoughts on the trail.

Today on the trail I thought about:

-Spring!  It's on it's way.  I can see it on the trees, and smell it in the air.
-How horrible women can be to one another especially on public forums.
-How painful and sore my hands feel.  OUCH.
-How awesome my legs are for carrying me wherever I ask them.
- Charlotte, she will be turning three soon.
-How much I love hiking.
-My father-in-law Boss Nielson; who had heart surgery.
-How much help I need from the Lord daily.
-How giving up is never an option.
-How I need to find more patience and goodness in my heart.
-Learning how to forgive.
-How I can serve more effectively.
-Having more faith.
-The faith I need to know that God will provide and reveal 
the answers I'm looking for if I stay faithful and true to my covenants.