Thursday, March 12, 2015

The journey of a broken arm:

Claire got her cast off today.
Whew, what a LOOOONG 7 weeks we've had!
When Claire first broke her arm, 
 I bathed her and helped her write her homework.
Then she figured out how to write with her right hand (she's left-handed), 
and she began doing homework on her own.
Then she got a water-proof cast and could bathe herself- 
but still asked if I'd wash her hair.  (It feels so good!)
Then today she got the cast off and is so sacred to move.
She protects her arm close to her chest,
 like she did when we drove to the ER 7 weeks ago.
So tonight I was back to writing her homework and bathing her.
BUT, I told her that from now on, she had to practice writing. 
I suggested she begin by writing the ABC's several times in a row.
I also encouraged her to clip her nails.
((When the Little Nies have long fingernails,
I tell them they look like a Bernstein Bear)).
Then we headed over to the bakery, where I told Claire
she could have anything she wanted.
But I told her she could only have it IF she ate it with her left hand.
(Thumbs up)