Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The HUNT 2015

Each year my sister Lucy and her husband Andrew open up their "farm" 
for the family Easter Egg Hunt.  200 eggs were hidden in her grassy fields.
This year my Dad in his wisdom lined up all the children from oldest 
to youngest before the hunt began.  
This photo will be a treasure. {He'd say it like "TRAE-SHURE" though}.
And I am so happy we have it.  
 Of course there are several missing, but it's still pretty neat.
 The boys were busy running around all morning
 and so I didn't snap very many photos of them.
I did however, get Claire and Jane with cousin Phoebe.
And I also managed a few cute shots of Lottie (and static hair) 
with darling cousins Erin and Ever.

Oh, and later that day Lucy sent me this super zoomed up photo of
Nicholas at the hunt.
I laughed so hard I think I have a hernia.
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