Thursday, March 26, 2015

Music to my ears.

I have a wooden box on my kitchen table 
where all of our Easter eggs live.
Lottie's favorite thing to do is climb on the table and play with them.
When Lottie plays with the eggs in the box, she's content long enough
for me to:
Get the dishes in the dishwasher, 
wipe down counters, sweep the floor, and if I am extra lucky- 
(like; if I give her a few pennies or small trinkets to put inside the eggs),
 I can mop the floor too.

Also going on at Fox Hill:
Claire is helping Jane register and pick out classes for middle school.  
They will be together next year, and we are all so excited.
Oliver got some new shoes and asks me every morning before school
 to use the magic eraser on the white parts so they stay clean.
Nicholas has several jars out on the porch with different 
types of bugs inside them.  He keeps them overnight and lets them go
in the morning while Lottie watches.
It's pretty cute.

All of this is music to my mother ears!