Friday, March 06, 2015

Friday fun day.

Yesterday, I took Clane (Claire and Jane) out of school. 
We had planned a little date together in Salt Lake City.
My sweet friend Liz invited us up to her store; Albion.  
Albion has the greatest work-out clothes because they are
functional, easy, darling, and great quality.  (yes, yes, yes, and YES!)
But Albion's swim line blew my mind. 

The girls and I tried on swimming suits and then we modeled
 them for Liz and her employees.
It was loads of fun, and now I have a swimming suit that I 
feel confident and beautiful in- which, by-the-way is kind of a big deal.
I am feeling more and more confident with my body as time goes on, 
but swimsuits are hard.
I nailed it tonight thanks to Liz and Albion.  
I would check them out as you prepare to get your summer suits this year.
(My girls also picked out some lounge/exercise clothes....
and wore them out of the store.)

Also, remember when I got highlights and a haircut a few days ago?  
After I got the cut, I couldn't stop thinking about going even shorter.
I let myself think about it for a few days and then I called Christie 
back and asked her if I could pop in for a shorter cut.
I now have short hair, again.  Just like the old times.  I love it.

Happy Friday folks!!
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