Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentines Day (s) 2015

Almost each day last week we planned, prepared, or celebrated Valentines Day.
It's such a fun holiday full of color and sweets!
Thursday I helped the children put together their Valentines
to deliver to classmates at school.
 And then I let the boys spray-paint their Valentine boxes.  
And then Gigs spray-painted his shoes.  Pink.  Awesome.
Friday for dinner I made our traditional heart-shaped pizza.

While the pizza's cooked in the oven, the Little Nies put together more 
 Valentines to door-bell ditch neighbors and friends later on.
Valentines Day evening Mr. Nielson and I went to the temple together
 and after shared a Cafe Rio salad. Now, that is my kind of date.

Before we sent the Little Nies to bed, I doorbell ditched them with a cute personal sugar cookie-
( like I do every year).  The cookies had their names on them and they 
nibble on them for days to come.  
Mr. Nielson and I exchanged gifts to each other at home after we put the children to bed.
Have I mentioned how much I love this holiday?!
((Happy Presidents day))