Friday, February 06, 2015

(Summer 2014
pretty glass stars HERE)

Thank goodness for Friday!
Thank goodness for the weekend!
I started to feel sick and achy on Sunday.
Monday I woke up with the worst aches and pains.
Tuesday a sore throat ensued.
Wednesday, my sore throat got worse and my aches and pains
really targeted at my lower back and my poor hands.
Thursday my sore throat persisted, aches and pains diminished
Today, my sore throat is better, (thanks Echinacea) and my
aches and pains becoming less noticeable.
Being sick sometimes scares me.  I reminds me of those long days
after the accident when all I could do was wait to get better.
I'd watch the clock and cry- all I had was time.
Pain took over everything, and it was all
I could think about.  Depression was a huge part of my life,
and a black cloud was permanently over my head.
I never ever thought I'd get through it.
But I did.
It's possible.
Lucy has been staying with me since Monday.
Her husband Andrew has been in a work trip. 
It's been so nice having her here helping me juggle my kids, homework,
housework, meals, and making banana bread.
Life goes on.....

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Happy Valentines Day Mr. Nielson. 

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