Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Slow down

I stayed in bed pretty much all day today.  Still achy and horribly weak.  
I am so thankful that I can recover from this- and will recover from this.
There was a time in my life when I was so sick and couldn't see
myself as a normal functioning woman and mother ever again.
Good health is such a huge blessing!!!
I find so much comfort in these words:

"In preventing illness whenever possible,  
watch for the stress indicators in yourself
 and in others you may be able to help. 
As with your automobile, be alert to rising temperatures, excessive speed, 
or a tank low on fuel. When you face “depletion depression,” 
make the requisite adjustments. 
Fatigue is the common enemy of us all—so slow down,
 rest up, replenish, and refill. 
Physicians promise us that if we do not take time to be well, we most assuredly 
will take time later on to be ill."
-Jeffery R. Holland HERE