Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Friday/Weekend

Happy Weekend!
So excited for the weekend!! 
Here's my plans:
I promised Ollie I'd sit on the floor in his room while he shows
me all of his Lego men he created.
I also promised Claire I'd wash her hair since she can't do it with her cast.
I promised Jane she could make some tissue paper tassels with our new
awesome tassel maker.  She's so SO excited.
And I promised Nicholas that I would walk around the hill behind our home 
looking for animal bones for his collection.
Lottie will be probably be attached to me since she loves me the most.
Then I made Mr. Nielson promise ME that he'd take me out.

Will you do me a favor today?  
Would you mind answering a few questions in this survey?
Just a few quick questions.  It probably will take you 2 minutes.
My brother Jesse is on the cusp of something epic 
(plus he said he'd "owe me" and I can't wait to cash that in!)

Spiritual enlightenment: You Matter to Him