Friday, January 09, 2015

The best experience of 2015....yet

There I was on new years eve, armed with my phone/camera. 
 The whole night I snapped photos of the party, the people, 
the table setting, the food, the kids, Mr. Nielson,
and the fireworks out my window.  
All before the big moment- midnight when 2014 slips into 2015,
and minutes away from the new year we all bundled up in our warmest garb 
and headed out to the front porch.  Sparkling cider in our glasses
(Lottie in dreamland),  we began the countdown.
Ten, nine, eight...then I realized my phone died. I panicked.  
How would I photograph the children ringing in the new year?  
How would I photograph the amazing sight of fireworks exploding 
throughout the valley, how would I capture my New Year's kiss with Mr. Nielson?
I was distraught.  The only photo I got was seconds before the
countdown and it was blurry and black. (above)
Three, two, ONE....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
The kids screamed, fireworks exploded, and in the distance 
I heard pots and pans banging somewhere in the neighborhood.
I looked at Mr. Nielson who had his bubblie glass
 pointed up to the vibrant gorgeous and very bright moon.
And in that moment, I lived in that very moment.
I wasn't concerned with photographs, or the best angle or
 lighting or anything like that.
All that mattered was right now.  
And right now I was smooching the first 2015 kiss to Mr. Nielson.
I was actually watching the fireworks pop out in the valley
 below me in all directions as far as the eye can see.
It was about 3 degrees outside and everyone had run in to continue 
the celebration near the roaring fire.
I stayed on the porch alone taking in every photo-free,
social medial-free moment of real life and real feelings.
I walked inside with a fresh take on living in the moment
and with the ones I love.
Sometimes the best memories are kept inside the heart.
 Just because they are not on your camera roll
doesn't mean they never happened.

 Spiritual Enlightenment:
Have confidence in God this year, this is HOW