Tuesday, January 06, 2015

New Year's Day 2015

New Year's Day Mr. Nielson and I loaded the Little Nies in the car.
We headed up north to a wonderful magical land where our dear 
friends Katie and Carras invited us to spend the day at their cabin.  
And by cabin, I mean the most amazing incredible lodge I've ever seen.
My most favorite part of the day (Beside talking with Katie and her darling 
sister in law Mary Martha in the theater room, or eating hot Vegetarian chili), 
was snowmobiling in the dark, through the aspens, in about 2 feet of snow, 
UNDER THE bright gorgeous moon.
Nicholas was in front me on the machine and
 Mr. Nielson had Jane and Ollie on his, 
while Claire rode with Katie's brother Andrew.  
It was one of those moments when I think I cried of happiness.
It was the perfect way to start our year.  
(Thank you Checketts)

PS..Carras is the founder of RHONE, the best active menswear line around.  
Mr. Nielson LOVES these clothes. (and looks gooooood)
 The good men in your life deserve Rhone.