Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lottie's firsts

Together Lottie girl and I snuggled on my sheep skin
rug in front of our fireplace.  Her gorgeous red hair was a beautiful contrast
to her flawless white skin.  
When I stop to think about it, she really is my best friend. 
I get to be there when she experiences all of her "firsts"
It's really so amazing! 
I am so thankful I can remember these memories.
Here are a few of my favorite Lottie firsts (so far).

-Watching her watch me peel an orange and the eat the inside together.
-When she was bedazzled at fireworks exploding in the sky.
-Tasting Dr. Pepper for the first time (on an airplane).
-When I painted her toes. ( I painted each toenail red and then she pointed
to pink so I removed the red and painted them pink.  Then she wanted purple, 
then gold, then we ended up with green).
-When she held my brother's little dog and wouldn't let go.
-Her first time in our hot tub outside under the stars.
-When she first saw and said "moon".
-Watching Mr. Nielson give Ollie and Nicholas haircuts.
-Eating snow.
-Turning on the disposal.
-Drawing a face with eyes, ears, and nose.
-Buckling her own car seat straps.
-Blowing her nose.
-Taking photos with my phone.
-Getting piggyback rides around the house from anyone and everyone.

{Isn't she so cute}