Monday, January 12, 2015

How I know I am a child of God

Last night Mr. Nielson and I discussed with the
 Little Nies the beautiful and very real 
relationship that we have with a very real and very 
alive Father in Heaven--or God.
If there has been anything more precious and helpful in my life as
 I progress and endure challenges and pain; it is the knowledge that 
God is in control, and that I am His daughter.
I know that God is the creator and Father of each one of us.
He is the Ruler and Preserver of everything.
He is perfect, He has all power and knows all things.
This knowledge blesses my life everyday, and gives me
perspective when I am in the midst of hardship but also when I am
experiencing the greatest of joys in life. 
God knows our names, hears and answers our prayers everyday no matter 
what we have done or if we think we don't deserve His love and attention.
I know He wants our individual happiness and safety- probably more than
anything else on this planet.
I asked each of my children how they personally
 know that they are children of God.  
Each Little Nie told me and gave me permission to share their very
personal thoughts on my blog about how they know they
are children of God.
I will be sharing them with you each day this week.

I hope you know for yourself that you too
are a son or daughter of God, our Heavenly Father.
In 2013, I asked the Little Nies "what they know to be true" and posted their
thoughts on my blog.
You can see them HERE.