Monday, January 05, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!!!!

Happy New Year to all of you!!!!
Lottie and I prepared for the evening by decorating our  
bubblie with tissue paper shapes. 
Lottie is a champ with the scissors. 

A few of my family members and cousins,
 (Andrew, Jesse, Andrew B...Lucy had strep...booo)
came up to Fox Hill to ring in the new year.
Jesse brought some fireworks and let them off around 10:00.  
The moon was awesome and the kids (Lottie) was so excited.

  After the show, Lottie said her goodbyes and I put her to bed and 
then I didn't see her for the rest of the year!!!
After all the bubblie, treats eaten, and pictures taken, we all crashed.
......(More New Year's Festivites on Friday's post)

Last night Mr. Nielson and I put the Little Nies to bed and 
then soaked in the hot tub, like we usually do. 
 It's a great time to be together and have 
each others undivided attention. 
We talked about 2015.  
What is this year going to bring, or offer us.  
How will we receive it? 
We have some potentially big plans.  I have a rather large project 
(Nie's secret project, remember that?) that I am hoping to unveil and pop out. 
 It needs to be in the world.
Mr. Nielson and I both agreed and know that if we put God 
first in our lives and in all our decisions; meaning doing what
 He desires of us more than what we want, we will be be blessed beyond our comprehension.  
We know that sometimes even if what we think we want, and what we think 
we know is best for us, isn't alwyas God's will.
But it is always what is the best for us as individuals,
parents, and as a couple in charge of our family.
(did you get that?)

I want to be more patient this year.
More aware.
More available and present with the Little Nies.
More trusting.
I want to serve more.
Love the haters.