Thursday, January 22, 2015

Constant movement

The best thing for me and my health condition is constant movement.
So I make sure I hike each day.
I also constantly sweep my floors, and do the laundry.
I probably load the dishwasher four times daily,
 and wipe down the counters ten times daily.
But my favorite movement is mothering.
There is always someone to snuggle, a hand to hold,
 a storybook to read, a smile to see,
 a tear to wipe, a mouth to feed, a joke to hear, a story to tell, and so on and on.

In the burn center before I was discharged, my nurse went over
the daily physical therapy plan for me.  I was to go to the hospital
rehabilitation center and work for hours a day to get back the  
movement in my fingers, legs, arms, walk, and even my speech--
 pretty much everything needed therapy.
  I spent long hours at the center getting better, and one day I woke up and 
announced I was done.
While this therapy was healing me, I figured I could do all of these things 
just by engaging more in daily tasks at home--by being mom again.
I began simple chores like using my fingers to pick and
bag up baby carrots for the kids lunches.  
I unloaded the dishwasher sorting the utensils.
I practiced buttoning shirts (still working on that).
Even turning pages in books was a huge task (still is).
 I strengthened my muscles by lifting Nicholas, 
putting groceries away, and folding laundry.
It all came back and I believe it was because of my desire to be a mother.
I still struggle and hurt.  Daily tasks are still hard and frustrating.
I am still learning to be patient with myself and body.

But mostly I got better because I learned to love myself.
And when I loved myself, I loved my children and others more, 
and then my desire to serve 
my children and others was greater, and then I got better.

It's a pretty simple idea, not always so simple to master.
But possible.