Friday, December 05, 2014

Weekend Plans- December 5-7th

 Happy Friday!!!  Happy Weekend!
I hope you are all doing something festive!
Yesterday I finally finished all the decorating around the house.  
I actually really enjoy decorating my home, and decorating for 
Christmas is a bonus.
We are headed to Arizona tomorrow.  
Boss and Mary (Mr. Nielson's parents), are coming home from 
their LDS mission in London.
It will be a sweet reunion, and I am excited to see their faces.
Boss had a heart attack a few weeks ago but is such a champ and doing so well!
I also will be at a gala for the burn center, and looking forward to seeing
the many doctors and tuxes no less!!  (dr. L!?)
I also plan on spending this weekend shopping for Christmas (online) so 
I don't have to focus on what I need to do, rather than what I want to do.
I want to enjoy the rest of the holiday and the month
without anything nagging me.
I was reminded of the reason for this fun season as I pulled out my
gorgeous nativity scene and set it up.
He is the gift.
Speaking of the nativity, enjoy this:

 * * * * *
Also, some of my favorites for your Christmas pleasure:
The cutest and coolest binkie clips HERE 
Darling Chalk mats  HERE
Beautiful Temple print  HERE