Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Mr. Nielson turns 36

Last Saturday my main man turned 36.
This calls for a love letter:

Dear Mr. Nielson,
I have known you for almost 15 years.  On December 16th, we will celebrate 
being married for 14 of those years.
In my head, I have been married to you forever.  And I have.  There was a plan for us before this earth began.  We were united spiritually and forever connected.  
After this earth life ends, the next chapter of our love, connection and marriage will just continue.
You are such a wonderful husband.  You care for me, you genuinely want happiness and success for me.  You take care of me and you fulfil every single need I have.  I can always count on you for that.
You are strong, you are soft, you care, you trust, you listen and you help.  
And you are a fantastic father.
I type this with a huge lump in my throat.  
I love you eternally forever and always,

Love, me.

Mr. Nielson had a great birthday 
(so he says, I thought it was a pretty boring day) 
all he wanted to do was watch football in his pjs- in bed. And order pizza.  
We went out later that night though, and that was perfect.
The Little Nies and I made him buttermilk pancakes and he ate them in bed.
Charlotte has been singing happy birthday to him every single morning since Saturday. 
She really likes that song.