Monday, December 08, 2014

Monday in Arizona.

Last week, our family had family photos done 
at Justin Hackworth's studio in Provo.
It was painstakingly difficult to pick three images out of 
the many great photos for our Christmas cards.
I will post them online throughout this month.
Aren't my girlie's so cute?
{Sweet photo by our waiter)
We are in Arizona for the week, and last weekend Mr. Nielson and 
I attended the 16th annual Arizona Burn Foundation Gala in Scottsdale.  
I will blog about that tomorrow, (as soon as Dr. L send me the photos he took).
 Tomorrow we will drive past our old home, visit friends, and greet Boss and Mary
at the airport.  They are returning from their
 one year mission in London, England.
Citrus is growing on trees around town, and the weather is so pleasant.
Christmas in Arizona is so strange for a Utah girl who
is used to wearing boots and coat everywhere this time of year.