Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Lille Julaften

Together with our fellow Danes, the Johnson's, we celebrated Lille Julaften.
There is Christmas Eve, and then there is Little Christmas Eve --- Lille Julaften. 
In Scandinavian tradition, December 23rd is celebrated with as much 
enthusiasm as (Big) Christmas Eve.  
Mr. Nielson and Wesley cook Danish foods, and of course we eat the
 Risalaemande; which is delicious rice pudding with a cherry sauce
and a special whole almond inside for the lucky someone.  (Mr. Nielson)
Its a tradition and a highlight of our holiday.  We honor our Scandinavian blood with this dinner celebration and with our dear friends.
Also, tonight I also drove the car around my neighborhood with the back open 
while the Little Nies jumped out delivering Christmas goodies to 
friends, neighbors, and family.
It was really magical, and I hope they never forget that moment.
Praying for snow.  It feels like October here.  Boooooooooooo
 The little Danes.