Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

Christmas Day 2014 was amazing!  Our first Christmas at Fox Hill!!
I finally showered after a few days and changed
 out of my PJ's to another pair of PJ's.  
Christmas day we watched the Hobbit movies, 
ate popcorn, nuts, cookies, and whatever else the 
sweet neighbors dropped on our doorstep.
We also played card games, legos, read, slept, and watched the snow.
It's been a magical holiday. 
 Christmas morning was amazing when we woke up with nearly 
8 inches of snow on the ground. It really was a Christmas miracle indeed!
Mr. Nielson made 2 house swings for the Little Nies.  
He created the swing from the left-over wood from our walnut flooring. 
 On Christmas Eve when the children were in bed, we turned off all the
 lights and together we swung in the dark talking about what the day 
would be like in the morning.  
We also watched the first snow flakes begin to fall. 
Favorite Christmas gifts of 2014:
Mr. Nielson- Rhone shirts & woodworking books.
Nie- Sheepskin rug, Cotopaxi coat
Claire- Video camera
Jane- Princess dress and hoop skirt
Oliver- Remote control helicopter
Nicholas- Stuffed Lemur
Charlotte- 7 pack princess dollies
Then we opened presents under the tree.  
The Little Nies were more excited to 
have their siblings open the gifts they 
picked out for each other than open their own.  
It was pretty cute.
 I love after all the present commotion is over, 
everyone is busy playing and laughing and talking and sleeping and eating.  
You know what I mean, right?
When the sun set we watched the friendly neighborhood deer 
come down near the house searching for food. 

When it snows ain't it thrilling?
Though your nose gets a chilling
We'll frolic and play the Eskimo way
Walking in the winter wonderland

**Also, a favorite Christmas gift was the Cotopaxi backback's 
we gave the Little Nies.
Mr. Nielson and I gave each child a different color for
their ski gear, snacks, and whatever else they want to use it for.