Monday, December 15, 2014

Celebrating life

While in Arizona, we spent a day celebrating Mr. Nielson's sister Charity, 
who at the age of 26 passed away from cancer.
Charity died 2 months after her first and only son was born.  
Every December 11th, Mr. Nielson's family has a little memorial at her graveside 
where we celebrate her life and her short mission on earth.
Charity was full of wisdom and grace.  She was beautiful and witty.  
I miss her, and am sad that my children- especially my girls, won't get to know her in this life.  
But we believe that because of Christ, we will be united with Charity again. 
 It is a beautiful promise, and one that we deeply rely on when times are hard.
Also while at the cemetery we visited Doug.  Doug was our friend
and pilot who was killed in our airplane crash.
 I fondly think about the Kinneard family during the holidays, 
when they are missing their father and husband.
My heart goes out to all of them.
I also couldn't leave the cemetery without saying hello to my 
great great great grandfather Daniel Webster Jones.
What a cool dude.