Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A few favorites in December.

Today I am going to recap a few Christmas favorites.
1. Jane made darling gingerbread men/women for our Christmas tree 
that we plan on planting in our yard somewhere--in the Spring.
The weather here has been so mild (until Christmas day when we got dumped on)
 and the rain plopped them on the ground.  It was a little depressing.

2. Mr. Nielson and I celebrated our 14th year anniversary on December 16th.  
We spent the whole day together and in the evening took our children 
out to dinner to celebrate our families "14th birthday".  
We drove up the canyon and enjoyed a yummy dinner at 

3. Our family took some Christmas photo in front of the 
Provo Temple after church.  In the rain.
I am photographing our family after church each Sunday and 
posting them to my Instagram account. (nieniedialogues, #afterchurchnies).
It's fun to watch my Little Nies grow each week.
4. The fun house swings Mr. Nielson created.  
Sometimes when the Little Nies are asleep, we swing together in the dark.
Its soooooo romantic.

The End.