Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Yum, Yum gingerbread

Jane loves to cook.  Actually bake.  She loves to bake treats.
One day she begged and begged me to let her make gingerbread.  
I put her request off for half the day simply because we didn't have all the 
ingredients on hand, and I really really didn't want to go outside 
(it's cold here now) and head to the store.
I finally convinced Mr. Nielson to take her, and he did.  He's a good boy.
The cookies came out in perfect shape, and she made so much dough 
that we decided to use most of the cookies for decorations for our
future Christmas tree in the loft upstairs.
I feel bad that I didn't let Jane bake when she wanted too, for a few reasons:
1. It made our house smell divine.
2. I love seeing her shine in her element
3. It kept the Little Nies busy for hours. 

After, she put the ingredients and tools away, wiped down the counters, 
 and swept the floors.
I was so proud.

(Gingerbread recipe HERE)
(Jane's cute dress HERE)