Monday, November 24, 2014

Yarn branches

Welcome Monday!

This is a big week for our little family.
I am excited to have our first Thanksgiving here at Fox Hill!
I will be busy preparing, decorating, and cooking until all week.
This is my element you know.
and I went on fall hike together.
Andrew so kindly picked a bunch of beautiful colored leaves 
for me and carried them about 2 miles down the trail.
I saved the branches with the idea to make Christmas decorations
and centerpieces for our Thanksgiving table.
I winded a bunch of different colors, textures and sizes of yarn to the branches.
I stuck mostly with whites, creams, grays, and soft browns.
But also added a pop of a bright color; like pink and red.
My physical therapists would be SO proud.  
This was really intricate and technical for my fingers.
I finished winding the branches and took some 
to Andrew's house last night.
I love Andrew because he appreciates things like this.

While I worked on this project, Lottie painted her face.
Win-win for us both!
(thumbs up)

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