Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Vacumming in November

Lottie discovered the suction attachment part of the vacuum today.
It happened when I was vacuuming the stairs.
She kept asking if she could do it.
"Mommy I do it, mommy I do it, mommy I do it."
So I let her. 
In her swimming suit. On backwards.
She began vacuuming up little pieces of trash on my floor, 
and then she thought it was pretty amazing so she began to vacuum up her ponies,
and their combs, and then her foot.
That's when I decided to cut up little pieces of trash for her to suck up.
I must have cut up 20 pieces of paper from the kids homework into
teeny tiny pieces.  The smaller the pieces, the more work for her to do,
and the more work for her to do, meant the more work I could accomplish.
I washed the dishes, swept and moped the floor, and answered a few e-mails.
I am SO doing this again when I need a good 45 minutes.

Also today I sent out my Thanksgiving invitations and assignments.
If you go to the Caravan Shoppe you can find amazing ideas
 and print outs for your big Turkey day dinner.

 Also, I found this on my blog before I published it from Jane:

hi mom hehehe i hacked your blog love you!  
love, jane (;
p.s. it's okay if you post this on your blog(: