Thursday, November 06, 2014

Practicing and ponies

This morning, after I dropped off all the monkeys at school,
 I put on my apron and practiced making some rolls for our 
upcoming Thanksgiving dinner.
In Mr. Nielson's family, its no secret that all the (seven) daughters
(including my mother-in-law Mary), are roll-making-masters.  
Seriously, they are melt in your mouth amazing.
Mr. Nielson and I are hosting Thanksgiving here at Fox Hill.
I texted Mr.Nielson's sister Diane just about every minute
 (sometimes with pictures) to be sure I was doing it right.
In between rises I played ponies with Lottie.

Playing ponies with Lottie is awesome.
She wants the ponies to kiss, eat cupcakes, take naps, and then pretend 
that they are all sick and dying.
Then when she got bored of that, she wanted to help me with the rolls.
She ate the dough- which she immediately spit out, 
but tried again five minutes later
only to spit it out again, and then repeated process about six more times.
And I took photos.

In the end, the rolls tasted good but looked weird.  
I will try again next week.  
I have a few weeks to master these babies.
Also, there is a BIG difference between salted butter and unsalted butter.