Tuesday, November 11, 2014

(Not) Nap time for Lottie

 I had to go to a meeting with Mr. Nielson and
I left Clane in charge.  
Sometimes I do this, and most the time everything is just fine.
I always arm the house while I am away (I use Vivint secruty systems = awesome), 
and the children stay snug as a bug in a rug while I am away.  
I tell them to stay inside, and they can watch a movie.
I will only leave them for 2 hours max.
Since we were gone during the lunch hours, I put Jane in charge of making lunch.
I put Claire in charge of putting Lottie down for her afternoon nap.
I put the boys in charge of cleaning up lunch and not fighting.  
The Little Nies got so caught up in watching Maleficent that couldn't 
hear their sister screaming in the nursery.
I usually casually look at the nursery cam to see if Lottie is asleep and
most the time its fun to check on her,
except for when she is doing this:
I was in the middle of my meeting
and I was dying- and when I say dying, I mean like having an anxiety attack
 watching her on live camera trying to get out of her crib.

Hey Mr. Nielson, we really need to think about getting Lottie a bed,
 and maybe a home phone.