Thursday, November 20, 2014

Christmas photo's past

It's that time of year again...Christmas!
Today I am preparing for our family Christmas photos. 
What to wear and the location for the shoot.
I've decided to share with you our past Christmas photos.
We skipped a few years, but for the most part,
we have documented each Christmas with a card and family photo.
Behold, the Nielson family Christmas photos:
Our first Christmas card with photo went out in 2001.
Mr. Nielson and I were married on the December 16th,
so we combined Christmas wishes with our
wedding thank-you cards.
Christmas photo #2 was on the porch of our home in Provo,
Summer 2003.
Claire was 2 and Jane was 5 months 
Christmas photo #3 taken in Times Square in 2005, while we were living
in New Jersey.  We used the self-timer and we really nailed it.
Claire 4, Jane 2, Oliver 9 months.
Christmas photo #4 was taken in Arizona 2006.
Claire 5, Jane 3, Oliver 1 1/2, Nicholas 3 months
Christmas photo #5 was also taken in Arizona in 2007
I didn't know it yet, but 2008 year would be the hardest year of my life.
Claire 6, Jane 5, Oliver 2, Nicholas 1.
Christmas photo #6 was taken in 2009.
Our first family photo taken since the accident. 
It was a very very happy year.
Claire 8, Jane 6, Oliver 4, Nicholas 2 1/2
Christmas photo #7 was taken in 2010 near Sundance Ski resort.
Claire 9, Jane 7, Oliver 5, Nicholas 4
Christmas photo #8 was taken on Fox Hill in 2011 before our home was built.
We didn't break ground for another year after this photo.
I was about 7 months pregnant.
Claire 10, Jane 8, Oliver 6, Nicholas 5
Christmas photo #9 was taken at a Christmas tree lot near
 Salt Lake City 2013.
Claire 11, Jane 9, Oliver 7, Nicholas 6, Charlotte 8 months
Christmas photo #10 was taken at the lodge at Sundance Ski Resort.
We decided to go all out on this one.
I am wearing a fabulous green gown, and each child brought something they loved
that represents their personality.
And Mr. Nielson is our protector. 
Claire, 12, Jane 10, Oliver 8, Nicholas 7, Charlotte 1

I am excited for 2014 Christmas photo!!!!
Stay tuned.