Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Birthdays in October

 The Nielson family celebrated two birthdays in October. 
First my Nicholas Jones turned eight on October 6th.
Then, on October 29th, my Claire Elizabeth turned the big thirTEEN.
Needless to say, October is a very busy month around our parts.

 My children wake up pretty early to open gifts.  
Nicholas was pretty excited about his Lego sets.  
I am not sure if the above photo is of Nicholas (gigs) yawning or just excited. 
 I think both.
 Lottie and I picked up balloons for Nicholas and she insisted on holding them
in the car while she tried watching Fantasia on DVD player.
 After school, Nicholas opened the sibling gifts.
I always try and encourage homemade gifts to each other.  
This year, Jane made Gigs an awesome jet pack out of old Root beer bottles 
from a few pizza nights ago.  He loved it.
 Nicholas chose Jimmy Johns as his birthday dinner of choice then 
Mr. Nielson and I took everyone to a movie.  
Lottie watched the whole thing in between the sisters,
 so I fell asleep during the movie.
 I think he had a good day.
 Next, we have Claire. 
 Claire had a nice list of birthday wishes.  On the top of her list was to be
 checked out of 6th and 7th period with her best cousin Lydia to go to lunch.  
She wanted Umi to come too. 
We went to Kneaders here in Provo.
 After school she came home and opened a few more gifts while
 Lottie took down the balloon decorations in her Belle dress. 
 That princess gets away with everything.

 Claire chose Cafe Rio as her birthday family 
dinner.  Good choice!

After dinner (this was a marathon day) we went home and blew out her candle on one of her favorite treats--a double chocolate cupcake from
We have a month break until November 29th when Mr. Nielson turns THIRTY SIX!!!!
Also, a belated happy birthday to my AMAZING mother-in-law.
This woman is beyond amazing.  She is going straight to heaven.
I hope I can learn half of her wisdom and strength before that happens.
(but not for many many years)
I love you Mary!