Monday, November 10, 2014

A Little Nie star

I got a package in the mail yesterday.
I knew from the gorgeous packaging that it was from Piggy and Dirt.
 Inside was a beautiful golden star with diamond center.
A darling little angel sat at the bottom of the star.
Engraved in the center it read:
"A little Nie watching over me" 
With a message:
"This star is a gift from an admirer to wishes to remain anonymous.  
She lost their first child who was stillborn at 7 months, 
so she knows what you are feeling at this tender time"
I broke in tears.
Not necessarily all sad tears, but peaceful happy tears too.
Thank you to whoever you are. 
 This star made me happy and hopeful.
I feel so much love and support from women all over
who know what I am feeling.
I know there are a lot of you who know exactly what this feels like.
And others who don't, but can relate somewhat because of the very fact
that we are women and are by nature sympathetic creatures.
Bless your hearts.