Monday, October 27, 2014

Speaking at Disneyland

Last Thursday, Mr. Nielson and I packed up the Little Nies
and headed to sunny California.
 This quick trip was just the pick-me-up we all needed.  
I was scheduled to speak at the Disneyland hotel at a women's conference,
and so we spent the day before at Disneyland.
 The Little Nies loved it, but watching Lottie see all the princesses,
all the characters was worth the ticket.  It was darling!
Because we were staying at the Disneyland hotel, we had access to the park an hour before they opened it up for the general public.  Mr. Nielson and I woke the children up at 7:00 and we headed over to the California Disney park and to the California Screamin' ride.
Mr. Nielson and I couldn't get any of our Little Nies to join us,
so we made them wait for us on a park bench as
 we rode the ride three times in a row.
Then we walked over to Disneyland where we enjoyed
watching the children (Lottie) be amazed at the fun rides.
 Nicholas screamed throughout the entire Cars ride.

Halloween at Disneyland is really darling.
 We were all pooped when the day ended. 
The next morning I spoke to over 750 women at the 
California Utah Women's conference.
It was a wonderful event, and I met some wonderful women.
I do enjoy sharing my story and miracles with others.
I hope after I speak, that it inspires others to keep fighting and enduring
hard times and challenges.  I know we each have our stories and our trials,
but I firmly believe its how we endure them that matters.
While I spoke, the kids were in the green room doing things like this:
 I was just glad they were all alive when it was over.
At the end of my talk, my children came on the stage and Lottie thought they 
were all clapping for her.  She ran in the stage 
(without a diaper-in a dress- somehow, thanks kids!) 
and started dancing.  It was pretty cute.  Wish I had a photo of that!
(Whoa, Mr. Nielson)

Thanks to Megan (The Sweet Tooth Fairy) for these photos.
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