Monday, October 06, 2014

Nicholas is 8

Today is Nicholas Jones' birthday!
He is the big EIGHT years old.
Nicholas is the only Nielson child that we didn't find out what the sex was.
It was a huge surprise.
Nicholas was my biggest baby; just shy of 9 pounds,
 I also delivered him at home naturally.
It was one heck of a birth.
I am honored to be this boy's mother.
He is bright, happy, easy, creative, and calm.
He made a birthday chain in July which draped from his bed to the 
window and back to his bed again.
He has anticipated his birthday for almost 100 days.
I'm glad it's here.  I hope I can get out of bed to see him off.
These mornings are horrid for me, morning sickness hits me hardest in, well, the
morning, but lingers all day long.
But look at this little boy, it's all worth it!
To read about Nicholas' birth, go here.