Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Mountains to climb

I came across a disc today that was dated "August 15th, 2009".
I immediately remembered that on August 15th of '09 I hiked the 
Y for the first time since the accident with my family.
I did it to prove to myself that I could be strong and brave again. 
 I did it to prove to my children that I could be their mom again.
The disc had photos that were taken by my cousin Jed Wells.
He hiked the Y with us and took beautiful photographs
 that capture the evening perfectly.
I don't think I have seen all of these photos he took until now.
It moved me to tears.
When I showed up to the Y that evening there were hundreds of 
people waiting to hike it with me.  The support was incredible.
Lots of the these people I didn't know and lots of them I did know.  
Among the group were most of my family members.
As I browsed the photos on my computer I looked at all the people
 in the crowd that supported me that day.
Neighbors, friends from high school, old acquaintances, new friends,
people I didn't even know cared, and strangers were there to 
share in the joy of my accomplishment. 
My hurt was filled with so much love and gratitude that night!!
I can't even begin to tell you what it feels to be loved in that capacity.
It really helped my recovery, and still does to this day.

Thank you for YOUR support and love.  
I have climbed some really big mountains in my life, but never alone, 
and that is how I did it.
Speaking of mountains to climb, these ladies have climbed
a few of their own, and I am so grateful they did.
(Sorry, just got the link up and working, this is a gorgeous book)